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From Cabinets to Storage Lofts: Custom Built Garage Storage Solutions in Metro Detroit

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Is your garage stuffed with all types of items that are driving you nuts to find? Are you looking for a way to organize all of your belongings, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place!

Only through careful organization and the use of comprehensive storage systems can you ensure easy access to all of your goods whenever you need them. Great Lakes Garage Storage provides custom storage solutions to families throughout the Metro Detroit area. By installing garage cabinets, closets, bins and other built-in storage units, we not only keep your goods organized and accessible, but also provide you with peace of mind that your items will be safely out of reach. From Redline to ONRAX products, we’ve got what you need!


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A Full Use of Space

Most families only use a fraction of the total amount of space available in their garages. The problem is that much of this space lies above your head, and many people assume that it is impractical to store items anywhere other than shelves or the ground. However, Great Lakes Garage Storage has never let itself be limited by common assumptions.

As an experienced garage storage company, we know how to install bins and other units securely on the ceiling. We make sure these bins are easy to remove and put back, allowing you to store and retrieve items above your head with ease. As a result, you can store many more items without cluttering your floor or blocking your vehicle or workspace.

Garage Cabinets & Storage Solutions in Detroit | Great Lakes Garage - closet-storageSafe Storage for Hazardous Items

Great Lakes Garage Storage has more than 17 years of experience operating as a storage closet contractor in the Metro Detroit area. This means we know the full range of safety hazards that you and your family face if you don’t store dangerous tools properly. To keep these risks to a minimum, our storage closet builder team constructs quality closets that will prevent your items from ever falling out and putting your family at risk.

We can also advise you on how to organize these storage areas, helping you balance the need to keep hazardous items out of children’s reach with the risks of storing them at a high elevation. By placing these closets in strategic areas of your garage, we can maximize your storage capacity without taking up space on the floor. 

Easy Access to Necessary Items

While hazardous tools should be kept somewhere that is difficult to reach, there are other items that you need to access quickly and that present little danger. We install racks, shelves and a range of other storage devices that make these items easy to reach at all times. By incorporating this equipment into a carefully planned garage storage system, we allow you to determine where each item is and retrieve it easily.

Don’t risk losing your possessions in a disorganized garage. For more information or to request our services, contact Great Lakes Garage Storage today!