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If you’re searching for the most practical and durable garage floor coating on the market, you should be looking at epoxy floor coatings. Since our garages tend to be less insulated than the rest of our homes, there is less protection against moisture damage and warping caused by temperature changes. Concrete is most often used, but eventually it cracks, crumbles and stains. Quality floor coatings need to be tough enough to withstand the elements as well as the weight of a car and outside debris, oil spills and chemicals. Once the epoxy floor coating is applied — in a similar fashion as paint — a chemical reaction occurs between a resin and hardener, providing the longest-lasting and strongest coating available that is easy to clean and slip-resistant. With an epoxy floor coating, you can achieve protection for your garage floor that is both functional and attractive.

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Could You Do It Yourself?

You may have seen aisles of concrete floor coating products at your local big-box store, and thought that you could do it yourself. Frankly, any handy person could install a garage floor coating using one of the do-it-yourself kits you can find at the big-box store. But before you get started, consider the following…

A high quality garage floor coating requires a great deal of prep work. The typical box store kit will generally only recommend an acid etch solution to prepare the floor for the coating. The acid etch may get the floor fairly clean, but it doesn’t even begin to take care of the sealant most concrete garage floors have.

Good prep work before the coating is applied is essential for a successful job. Our process includes:

  • Diamond grinding the concrete floor to give it a profile that gives the coating something to attach to (an acid etch in most cases is simply not aggressive enough).
  • Filling cracks and pits using professional grade materials to ensure a uniform look when the job is all done
  • A thorough commercial cleaning to ensure the floor is free of any dust, debris, or fluids before applying the garage floor epoxy.

The average ‘big-box-store’ kit is usually a water based floor coating. DIY floor coating manufacturers use a water-based formula because it extends the pot life (the time you have to work with the coating) to make it easier to use for the average consumer. Most DIY kits are 50% or more water based. Once the floor dries, you’re left with a very thin coating that can take up to a week to cure.

Commercial epoxy floor coatings, like those we use, contain 100% solids. These require experienced installers, but the results are worth it. A professional flooring job will give you a nice, thick coating that will withstand the test of time. Plus you can have full use of your garage in 24 hours or less!

Great Lakes Garage has both the experience and know-how to create a great place for you and your car. The goal of our trained staff is to give you a beautiful and durable garage floor – something you can be proud of and something you will be happy to tell your friends about.

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