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Epoxy Floors

Sleek, Durable Floors: Epoxy Treatments in Michigan

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Nothing says “durable” better than epoxy. 

From warehouses to mechanic shops to auto dealerships, this material is used to treat floors in any location where physical and chemical damage is a regular occurrence. Industrial flooring isn’t the only area that needs protection; your basement, workshop and garage floors also face frequent threats, which is why Great Lakes Garage Storage provides epoxy treatments in homes all over Michigan. As an experienced epoxy floor company trained to treat every variety of surface, we provide enduring protection throughout your home.


Our Epoxy Floor Options include:

The Benefits of Epoxy Treatments for Your Floors

Epoxy protects against a wide range of threats, including:

  • Impacts - The physical impact of heavy tools, buckets, debris and other items can deal lasting damage to your floors. With a coat of epoxy, these surfaces can shake off even the most devastating hits. Epoxy also protects garage floors of the gradual damage resulting from the weight of your car, equipment and appliances.
  • Chemicals - Certain chemicals that are heavily acidic or basic may eat away at your floor when spilled. Epoxy helps the floor to resist these spills longer, giving you more time to clean them up.
  • Abrasion - Minor scratches and scuffs quickly add up, ruining the appearance of your garage or basement. Epoxy prevents these blemishes from affecting the floor itself. This means you can restore its appearance by applying another coat rather than replacing the entire floor.

Great Lakes Garage Storage offers both stain and high gloss options, allowing you to choose the type of epoxy that you think looks the best. We can reinforce these positive effects by applying a topcoat made of polyurethane, which provides additional protection against scratches, scuffs and chemical spills. Our surfaces are 100 percent solid and comply with all regulations for volatile organic chemicals, providing a bright, clear and safe surface.


Professional Epoxy Treatments are Essential

Many homeowners who hope to protect their floors see no need to hire a professional epoxy floor contractor. Instead, they apply the coating on their own, hoping to save money on the cost of labor. Compared to professional treatments, however, an epoxy kit that you apply by yourself cannot provide the same standard of protection. This will limit your floor’s ability to resist scratches and impacts, leaving it vulnerable to a greater range of threats.

Not only is applying epoxy on your own not as effective, but it doesn’t even help you save money. Without knowing how to assess the epoxy you buy ahead of time, you may likely apply a product that chips and cracks shortly afterward. The cost of replacing epoxy on a regular basis is far higher than that of ordering a single, professional treatment from Great Lakes Garage Storage.


For more information on the benefits of epoxy or to request an estimate for your own epoxy floors, contact Great Lakes Garage Storage today!