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Expert Garage Storage Solutions Throughout West Bloomfield MI

A Leader in Organization For Over 17 Years

The Great Lakes Garage team understands the importance of a clean and tidy space. The way to accomplish that is with a customized organization system tailored to your needs! Having trouble deciding what to do with your current garage, basement or closet? Ask the professionals, we would love to help!

Our team will find out what exactly your looking for, take measurements and discuss your budget. We then can provide you with a unique, personalized estimate for the design and installation of a garage storage system. Great Lakes Garage provides a 3D imaging design program that are available for most of our systems. This means we are able to give you a look into what the finished product will look like before we start installing. Our owner works on every job we do to ensure that you're getting a flawless finished product that will keep the clutter out of your garage!

Great Lakes Garage Offers A Variety Of Garage Storage Options

Is your garage filled with a variety of different items that are hard to find a majority of the time? Don't suffer from a cluttered garage any longer! Through organization and a comprehensive storage system you are able to easily access all of your goods, right when you need them. At Great Lakes Garage we provide you with custom storage solutions to homeowners in Southeast Michigan. We keep your belongings organized and accessible. We have everything you need - trust the experts for all your garage storage needs!

Redline Garage Gear

RedLine offers everything you need to make your garage space spotless. Choose from workbench cabinets, shelves, storage walls, overhead storage racks and more! These are all wall-hung which keeps everything stored inside high and dry. RedLine is build to last and comes with a lifetime warranty.

ONRAX Overhead Storage Racks

ONRAX units have a higher storage capacity in both weight and volume versus other options we carry. Their adjustable height range is up to 45 inches from the ceiling and come in a variety of different sizes. The design of this system is patented and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Great Lakes Cabinets

Great Lakes Cabinets are a comprehensive solution for garage storage offering a wide range of features. Our designs are custom and tailored to your needs. The hardware is heavy duty and carries a lifetime guarantee to ensure easy closing drawers and doors.

Store Your Hazardous Items Safely

It's very important to store hazardous material away from family and critters who could potentially get to it. We are the professionals to trust because we know how to properly store these items for your safety. To keep these risks to a minimum, our storage closet builder team constructs quality closets that will prevent your items from ever falling out and putting your family at risk. We offer help on how you can organize these areas. We are able to maximize your storage capacity by placing the storage systems in strategic areas without taking up all the floor space.

Keep your garage clutter free with the help of Great Lakes Garage! Give us a call today if you would like more information on the types of storage systems we offer. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.