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Searching For A Epoxy Floor Company Around Troy MI?

Durable Epoxy Floor Treatments In Metro Detroit

If you're searching for tough, penetrating epoxy floor coatings, we have a solution that is designed to last! We use epoxy that are installed in car dealerships, convention centers, warehouses, hospitals and more! We're the guys to call because you too can have a durable floor system in the comfort of home! Most epoxy floor coatings found in your local home improvement stores are water based and will chip away after a couple months of use. Don't settle when you can have it done correctly the first time that will last.

The Benefits of Epoxy Treatments

Epoxy protects your floor from a range of things:


Physical impacts from heavy items can give you lasting damage to your floor. Epoxy is durable enough to not budget with a heavy hit of a tool. Your car and other equipment in your garage is heavy which can leave damage - but not with an epoxy treatment!


Your garage is prone to storing chemicals that can eat away at the floor if spilled. Epoxy is in place to resist the spill if it ever were to occur in order to give you more time to clean up the mess!


Scratches and scuffs can ruin the appearance of your garage or basement. Since epoxy is very durable, if a scratch were to occur its easy to apply another coat rather then replace the floor entirely.

Great Lakes Garage Offers A Variety Of Epoxy Floor Options

Epoxy floors can be used where-ever a physical and damage could occur regularly. Your basement, workshop and garage floors also face frequent threats just like the industrial places that have these floors in place. That's where we can help you! Great Lakes Garage Storage provides epoxy treatments in homes all over the Metro Detroit area. As an experienced epoxy floor company trained to treat every variety of surface, we provide enduring protection throughout your home.

Quartz Floors

This coating creates a non-slip surface. It to is extremely durable and make it ideal for environments where floors are wet often or where you want to keep people around it safe from injury.

Flake Floors

Flake floors solid epoxy and color flakes that are seamless and very easy to clean. These floors are very popular and come in a variety of different color options.


This unique floor gives a 3D appearance. The metallic coat creates a stunning marble looking floor. This floor is quality epoxy mixed with metallic pigments that make it look eye catching.

Many homeowners believe that they can apply the coating on their own, hoping to save money on the cost of labor by not hiring a Epoxy Floor Company. What most don't understand that the epoxy kit that you apply by yourself cannot provide the same standard of protection that you would get from a professional. DIY epoxy isn't as effective and doesn't really help you save any money. The cost of replacing epoxy on a regular basis is far higher than that of ordering a single, professional treatment from Great Lakes Garage Storage. Trust the professionals with this, we understand the correct epoxy formula that won't chip or crack.

To request an estimate for an epoxy floor or if you have any questions about the process, please don't hesitate to reach out! The Great Lakes Garage team will gladly tell you anything you need to know about Epoxy Floor Systems. Give us a call today