Closet Countertop
Choose the counter to fit your style and budget.

Enhance your closet with durable, high quality laminate or beautiful Meganite for your counter areas. Wilsonart® laminates, in standard or HD (High Definition), create a luxury look without the cost. Meganite® is a premium solid surface acrylic material that will add style and sophistication to your closet.

With a range of beautiful colors and patterns from which to select, either choice will complete your closet beautifully.

Maganite® Surface
Bright White Canvas Mist Canela Stone
Navarra Stone Rio Grande Stone Amazon Mist
Shangrila Boulder Euphoria Boulder Lava Granite
  Raven Boulder  
Wilsonart® Laminate Surface
Mystique Dawn Tan Soapstone Mistique Dusk
Antique Roca Green Soapstone Shadow
Flame Soapstone Milano Quartz Sable Soapstone
  Milano Blaze